You Need a Blueprint Cleanse

You Need a Blueprint Cleanse

Why would I need a Blueprint Cleanse? This was my first reaction and question when I first heard about detoxing or raw juice fasting and about Blueprint Cleanse and its benefits.

I used to think that Blueprint Cleanse was just a temporary fad and that detoxing in general was just making noise because of the good marketing and advertising techniques of the different detox programs. I used to think that a detox juice cleanse was unnecessary and was just a waste of money. I also believed that raw juice fasting was unhealthy because how would I be able to get the right amount of nutrients without eating any food or any balanced meals and by just relying on those juices?

But girl, was I ever wrong! I have to thank my overwhelming curiosity because if not for it, I would have remained ignorant to the wonderful world of detoxing using Blueprint Cleanse and Total Wellness Cleanse and other detox cleanse products. This time, curiosity didn’t kill the cat; it just killed my old and wrong beliefs about detox juice fasting.

So why do we all need a Blueprint Cleanse?

1. Because it helps eliminate toxins in the body

The main benefit of having a detox cleanse is to help the body get rid of metabolic wastes and toxins through the excretory organs. Just imagine all of the toxic substances stored up in your body from all the coffee, fatty foods, alcohol, and other unhealthy foods that you feed into it, plus all of the other harmful chemicals that you get from smoking, pollution, medical drugs, and even from cosmetics. By going through a detox cleanse, you can “clean” your body’s internal organs from these harmful substances, which, if not eliminated, can surely lead to lower immunity, different illnesses, or worse, even cancer.

2. Because it makes you lose weight

Helping you achieve your weight loss goal is probably the most sought-for benefit of Blueprint Cleanse among women. Most women really connect detoxing with losing weight. This is because its most obvious benefit is in the physical aspect of the body. Undergoing a detox cleanse like Blueprint Cleanse will help you lose weight because you won’t eat solid and unhealthy food during the cleanse. Your calorie intake is also controlled, since while having a Blueprint Cleanse, you’ll only have 1200 calories at most in a day, which is the ideal amount of calorie intake for one who wants to lose weight. blueprint cleanse

3. Because it is healthy

Contrary to my old belief that detoxing is unhealthy because one has to consume only pure juices, detoxing is 100% healthy and safe (unless of course you have an extraordinary case of illness that precludes you from trying it). In a Blueprint Cleanse and Total Wellness Cleanse, for example, each bottle of juice is made with fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, it is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need. So even if we’re having pure juices only, our bodies would still get the nutrients that they deserve because each bottle of juice is already packed with nutritious ingredients and just pure healthy stuff.

4. Because it can positively change your lifestyle

You need a cleanse because you want to have a healthy lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of lifestyle? Through detoxing, you can break your bad habits and practices that are not good for your mind and body. Through it, you’ll also become more conscious of what you eat, what you drink, and what you do to your body. The longer your cleanse, the bigger the impact that it will have on your current lifestyle.

You need a detox juice cleanse every now and then to ensure that everything inside your body gets the proper “cleaning” that it needs. Don’t wait until you get sick or until you have some health problems before becoming more health conscious and before starting to care for your body.

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I've run my own sports nutrition consultancy and am interested in all things health, diet and nutrition. I also have an IBS which took me a while to sort out via reinvesting into my microbiome. I'm a big fun of a British nutrition superstar and the author of 'Clever Guts', medical doctor Michael Mosley.

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