8 Trends To Try For Fall 2018

fall trends

Does it not feel to you as if summer has just begun? It seems like yesterday we were putting away our wool coats and scarves to swap them out for our open-toed sandals.

Unfortunately, those glorious days of summer are coming to a close and we know this is a tough pill to swallow.

Yes, each and every one of us will all miss the warm summer days of frolicking on the beach and nights of stargazing. However, it is not all doom and gloom because with the fall season brings fall fashion.

Whether you decide to break the bank or are budget-friendly, when in doubt Trendy Hub has the current, of-the-moment, must-have trends for you to spice up your fall wardrobe.

By all accounts, fall fashion is the most exciting season to shop for. Fall fashion has textures, layers, rich coloring, and boots. No need to worry about what to purchase as we have 8 of fall 2018’s most wearable trends.

1. Be bold in red. Whether you pick a statement piece such as a coat or decide to go monochromatic, the color red will be one of the “IT” colors this fall. Lay it on extra by also wearing a bold, red lipstick.

2. A Statement coat. No matter what your style is, there is a statement coat out there for you. Whether you decide to try a bold color, a wild print, leather or shearling if you only decide to go with one major purchase this season, make it a statement coat.

3. Plenty of plaids. Think Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher from the cult classic movie Clueless as your inspiration. If you do not want to dive head first into this trend, opt for accessories like a plaid scarf.

4. To the max. Taking a leap from being the normal summer staple, maxi length skirts and dresses are leaping into the fall as the season’s standout length.

5. Pretty in pink. Not just any pink, bright magenta pink. Mixed with red, worn as a jumpsuit, or even eyeliner magenta pink is another one of fall 2018’s standout colors.

6. Sleek and sexy suiting. Nothing says “powerful” and that you “mean business” than a woman in a sleek, sexy suit.

7. Logos. A trend that many thought they would never see again returned with a vengeance and do not expect it to go away. Look for logomania to continue as brands flaunted their logos up and down the runways for the fall.

8. Neon highlights. Neon is another continued trend. Unlike the color red or logos try not to do this look monochromatically. Opt for neon trim pant or a funky shoe for your dose of neon.

The change of season is always an exciting time in fashion. There are some who splurge on a whole new wardrobe, while others select key pieces to update their look. The key is to remember that you must select pieces that compliment your figure, you feel comfortable wearing so that your confidence takes center stage.

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