8 Best Free Courses for Working Women to Enhance Your Career

8 Best Free Courses for Working Women to Enhance Your Career

If you are looking to quickly improve your career chances, alter your career path or simply ask for a pay rise, completing a free, inspiring and short (only a few weeks) course online could be the best course of action.

Master email and verbal diplomacy – take a course on speechwriting

As you know, politics at work is often the reason behind slow promotions and interesting projects. But if you manage to diplomatically present your case for what it is that you’d like to achieve, chances are you’ll get it much quicker.

Speechwriting 101 by Global Speechwriter will help you learn to structure and formulate your arguments and requests in polite, but very convincing and clear way. Let your emails outshine your brush colleagues!

You can also try essay-writing when you get a minute, it’s a brilliant exercise for thought formulation. To save you time on putting the argument forward, get a simple essay from https://essayhelper4you.com and amend it to make it as convincing as you can.

Enhance your marketing skills – take a design course

If you work in marketing, you probably are familiar with chasing designs, proofs and amends from your creative agency day in and day out, often approving semi-confidently a not-so-perfect brochure for your event tomorrow or a HTML email template for a mailshot in the next 10 minutes.

Fortunately, there is now a great software programmes that will allow you to put together simple designs in no time. Those are especially good for Facebook or LinkedIn advertising, and similar channels where a truly creative design is pretty much out of the question given the constraints of the medium.

Adobe KnowHow offers a beginners course on Photoshop: Beginners Adobe Photoshop. Over a period of 14 hours you’ll be able to learn how to craft a simple ad.

But if you specialise digital or ran small events with simple brochures, then you could also benefit from attending their InDesign course for beginners. By the end of this 11-hour course, you should be able to put together an infographic on pretty much any topic.

And to top it up, check out ALISON’s Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essential Tools, which should come handy with the latest version of the software.

Take charge of the next project – get a few entrepreneurial skills

To get a managerial position, you first need to demonstrate your ability to see a bigger picture and then show how you can create a strategy that would make a particular project a success.

This kind of skills is universally applicable, so if you get if once, you can apply it in further many career stages.

A 10-hour Competitive Strategy course by Coursera will show you how using simple game theory tools, you can analyse and predict how companies create strategies to achieve competitive advantage.

You don’t have to start a company to be entrepreneurial, and you can use entrepreneurial skills to enhance your career within an existing organisation. You can even develop an offering that could bump up your salary and give you more control over your working life. For this there is a brilliant course designed by the mighty Google itself and is called the Udacity’s Product Design – Validation and UX Through Design Sprints. It will help you make your idea a reality within the current job, and help you gain a valuable reputation of the intrepreneur.

Communication is the key in every job – take a course on communicating more effectively

Before any of your other skills allow you to shine at your current or future job, negation skills might make it or break if for you. It is a widely-known fact, that women don’t negotiate their salaries as they should, so do yourself a huge favour and check out Coursera’s Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills course.

The next ticket to career success is your networking skills, which, let’s face it nobody is born with. If you shy away from breaking a circle of senior management to introduce yourself at your company’s annual get-together, then you definitely need the Muse’s Become a Networking Master course. Comprised of only seven lessons it will help you gain the communication skills super important to networking, from perfecting making a clever small talk with your senior management to simply making more friends in your industry outside your work place.


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