Best Hair Styling Tools For 2019

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Presenting the best version of yourself is important no matter what the situation is, and how do that regarding your physical appearance is a key piece to the entire puzzle that makes up you.

You can have the best attire, from shoes to shirts, but the one accessory that you wear every day is your hair. Taking care of your hair starts with your overall health and wellness, and continues with proper shampooing and conditioning products.

Taking it one step further with fun and functional styling tools and products is a wonderful way to express your individuality and complete your overall look.

There are styling tools and products that will make your life easier, but you need to know what they are and how to use them. So which ones should you have on hand?

Hair Dryer

The one accessory that probably all of us have, or use the most often, is a hair dryer. This wonderful tool can be your greatest asset if you know how to use it wisely. Be sure that you chose the best hair dryer for your hair type. Look for adjustable heating options, a cool down button, and the option to change the power of the air. If you have curly hair, a diffuser will do wonders for you, providing soft and bouncy curls while eliminating frizz.

Wet Brush

A wet brush is something we were late to the game in finding – much to our regret. This affordable brush is ideal for combing through wet hair, and does it effortlessly. You’ll be delighted when you realize that snags and tangles are no longer giving you cause to wince as you try to work through your freshly washed locks which may still be tangled from being scrubbed. The flexible pad and bristles move with your hair to gently unsnarl the strands and do it without giving you a head of frizzy hair as a result.

Jaw Clip

We love the jaw clip because it gives our hair a break from the pulling effect that hair ties can cause. While they both serve a purpose, the jaw clip feels gentler on our hair. Available in a multitude of sizes, colors, and design options, the jaw clip is a fantastic way to sweep a little – or a lot – of hair up and away from your face.

French Combs

Making a comeback in recent years, the French comb is a small styling aid that works to gently comb hair away from your face and secure in place. These can be used to keep stray hairs in place with an up-do, or give a soft look with a partial pull back of a small section to one side. You can find gorgeous vintage styles with decorative edging that can add glam to your look for a night out, or just put a little kick in your daily attire.

Scarves & Head Wraps

Are you already imaging yourself in a convertible, wind across your face, a la Grace Kelly? We thought you might be. Well a gorgeous scarf should be the one accessory that you have with you while traveling or on the go regardless of your mode of transport. You can tie your hair up, use it as a headband, or make a plain outfit pop when you tie it in a bow. Silk scarves are ideal, as they won’t pull or snag your hair, but any print and fabric will do.


This versatile tool is not only perfect for taming your tresses in a variety of ways, it is also a handy tool to have on hand for other emergencies outside of the hair realm. Sometimes called bobby pins, you can tuck your hair away from your face, hold it up tightly in a more sophisticated style, or keep scarves and ribbons in place securely.

Products & Pomades

Know the difference between a mousse and a hair gel, and how to use them. We could not begin to cover all the options available, but talk with your stylist and see what he or she recommends for your hair type. You do not need to purchase the most expensive option, and can often find a comparable drug store brand that will do what the salon product offers to do. Speak candidly and let them know your budget, expectations for yourself when getting ready (do you really have enough time to do what they do?), and ask questions about options that may work outside of what they offer onsite. You can even ask your stylist to show you how to use these products so that when you leave, you know what you are doing.

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