Coffee Enema Colon Cleanse [Are There Side Effects?]

Today, we will have a full-blown discussion about the benefits of coffee enemas. A lot of people have already recognized coffee for its wonderful health benefits, and it has been thousands of years since people first discovered the wonders of enema administration. So, the million-dollar question is, what happens when these two seemingly unrelated items come together in a weird combination? As with everything—there are two sides of a coin. Experts say that there’s a lot of good that may come out after administering a coffee enema, but of course, there are also disadvantages and side effects. The important factor is this: the benefits of coffee enemas should outweigh its risks and potential side effects.

Let’s first find out a little about the history of the process, find out some of the benefits and risks and then we’ll jump right in and have a coffee enema tutorial, telling you exactly how to do this as safely and comfortably as possible.

So, how did it all start with coffee?

coffee enema

In the early 1920s, scientists began exploring the idea that coffee, instead of saline solution, may be more beneficial for patients.

After thorough investigation, they have established that the benefits of coffee enemas can reach not just ordinary patients looking for a cleanse (since coffee is a good detoxifying agent), but also patients with tuberculosis and even those with disease.

But, why?

Experts say that it’s because enemas can travel all the way to the smooth muscles of the intestine, going so far into the liver.

On top of that, coffee is also a well-known antioxidant, famous for fighting free radicals that cause damage.

Top benefits of coffee enemas

Before going further into this section, keep in mind that these benefits can only be achieved if the coffee enema you prepare is properly performed.

  1. It is said to reach the liver (which is one of the main organs when it comes to detoxification since all the blood in the body passes the liver) and maximize the bile flow. The bile has the ability to digest fat. Oftentimes, these fatty substances are the result of the toxins being impacted in the colon walls.
  2. Another good thing that happens when there’s plenty of bile output is that it prevents the re-absorption of toxins. The bile acts together with a binding agent, and hand in hand, they flush out the toxins.
  3. The coffee has the ability to dilate the blood vessels, and dilated blood vessels mean that there’s a better blood flow. This isn’t just good for cleansing; this is also good for the health of the whole body because a good blood flow ensures a good oxygen supply to the cells.
  4. Another one of the benefits is its analgesic property. It’s said to decrease pain levels dramatically; it was used to replace morphine for the hurt soldiers of World War II.
  5. It enhances the production of Glutathione—a well-known antioxidant that is even known to create clearer skin tone.

All in all, a coffee enema plays a big role in cleansing the body and making you feel lighter in a holistic level.

Coffee is a perfect astringent

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When it comes to skin, astringents are products that are made to cleanse and tighten the pores; the second one happens when the top layer of the skin is peeled off. When it comes to colons, it’s almost the same. Coffee can peel the top layer of the skin; this is very helpful because that top layer is filled with waste matters that, when not removed, can be reabsorbed by the body. And when reabsorbed by the blood, it can bring about systemic toxicity.

It acts as a very effective mechanical cleaner – Another of the benefits of a coffee enema is it can be a good mechanical cleaner; coffee is very effective in the following purposes:

It can improve peristalsis

The movement of food to the stomach and to the colon; when this movement is improved, it can be emptied more effectively.

Another benefit of a coffee enema is this: it can remove impacted feces. When you defecate, not all the feces are removed; some are impacted in the corners of the colon, together with some foods like refined flour. Repeated enemas can get rid of these waste matters.

coffee enemasVery good antioxidant

Coffee in itself is a very potent antioxidant. It’s actually one of the most celebrated benefits of coffee enemas. They are good for the immune system and in supporting the body when the wear and tear process happens. Not to mention, coffee can trigger an increased production of Glutathione, another potent antioxidant in the liver.

It can increase the alkalinity of the colon

Another benefit of a coffee enema is its capacity to increase bile flow. When there’s more bile, the amount of bad bacteria in the colon is reduced; more than that, it also helps in proper digestion of food.

Makes better selenium absorption

Selenium is a nutrient found in a very few food items, and another thing is, when consumed by mouth, it cannot be properly absorbed. Another of the benefits of a coffee enema is it contains selenium, which can be absorbed better via the rectal route. By the way, selenium plays a big role in metabolism, so in a nutshell, coffee enemas can also help you lose weight.

Coffee is also a good source of Zinc

An important nutrient that keeps the immune system strong. Like selenium, zinc isn’t properly absorbed in the mouth; it’s more effective when administered rectally.

And of course, let’s not forget this benefit — coffee enema can make you look and feel beautiful. When toxins are eliminated in the body, the skin clears, giving you a certain glow. It will also give you a sense of lightness. Coffee enemas can also solve your problems in depression and mood swings because it can pave a way for mental clarity.

So, are you convinced yet? Did these benefits inspire you to try a coffee enema at home? In the next article, we will discuss the most common reminders you need to know when performing coffee enemas at home.

coffee enema

What are the dark sides of coffee enema side effects?

Now that we have covered the benefits of coffee enemas, let’s discuss the risks and possible side effects involved.

  1. Since this is an enema that we are talking about, there’s the danger of hurting the anus. Insertion of the enema tube should be done with utmost care.
  2. On top of that, you need to change the kit each time you use it because used enema sets can cause infection.
  3. Risk of injury is higher if the liquid you’re using is hot. This may result in internal rectal burn that is hard to treat.
  4. Be sure to ask your doctor as to how frequent should an enema session be, and for how long you should hold it. Frequent use can cause a person to suffer from dehydration and other forms of electrolyte imbalances.
  5. The caffeine is directly absorbed by the body; if you know yourself to be sensitive to caffeine, you might experience being a little shaky. You might need to lessen the amount of coffee you incorporate.
  6. It can cause a few symptoms of hypoglycemia to occur. Suck on a hard candy before or after the procedure if you’re prone to having low blood sugar.
  7. When you frequently use enemas, your colon might decrease its function, seeing that your bowel movement becomes forced.

Your verdict should be focused on your safety, so even if there are a lot of benefits of coffee enemas, ask your doctor.

The foundation of coffee enemas—how long ago was it when it was first used?

The benefits of coffee enemas were just discovered in the 1920s, but did you know that an enema in itself has been going on for thousands of years already? It’s a form of hydrotherapy, believed to be first used by ancient Egyptians to cleanse the colon. It’s even mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls.

During the 1920s, while Doctor Max Gerson was studying about the cure for disease, he stumbled upon the use of coffee for enemas. Since then, he used this procedure alongside nutrition and diet.

What benefits were found by Max Gerson, MD?

First and foremost, they found out that coffee enemas could hasten the elimination of toxins. It’s made possible because coffee can travel all the way to the liver and increase the bile output, unlike when you use saline solution. When there’s an increase in the bile output, it promotes alkalinity in the digestive tract, thus promoting digestion. On top of that, coffee serves as a cleaning agent that drives away impurities from the colon walls.

Now, why is this benefit of coffee enemas important?

coffee enemaA lot of medical experts will tell you that most of the diseases happen because of toxins present in the body, or particularly, in the colon. When the digestion process ends, not all of the waste matter in the colon is flushed (during the process of defecation), some of it remains in the walls, and the toxin can be re-absorbed back by the body. This ultimately causes “dirt” in the blood. And when blood is dirty, all things about health can go down.

Just imagine how many years you’ve had, and how much of the waste matter is stuck in your large intestine walls.

This is the reason why the benefits of coffee enemas are very spot-on—it cleanses the body of toxins, and it removes the waste matter on the colon wall.

Is a coffee enema safe?

coffee enema

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors. For example, some factors include the frequency by which a person does the enema, what type of coffee he or she uses, and if the administration was careful or neglectful.

Although there’s a long list of the benefits of coffee enemas, there are dangers that can ensue. These dangers include septicemia and if during the procedure, tears on the colon happen, bacteria from the waste matters can enter the blood.

Electrolyte imbalances and hypoglycemia are also included in the dangers.

The good news: these cases are rare. Often, they are the result of negligent administration, so a good tip is to choose the right physician or health care professional to administer the enema.

FAQ: Coffee Enemas

First question: Why would others say that coffee enemas should be a regular part of the detoxification process?

Answer: The answer to that question will be based on the benefits of coffee enema, but we cannot readily discuss that without having baseline knowledge on how detoxification works. We have to at least discuss a part of it, particularly, the role of the liver.

First up, the liver works right after you digest something. It filters the blood so that any harmful toxins are eliminated (or at least neutralized) before it even reaches the systemic circulation. One good example is when you’ve had too much to drink. Another is when you’ve taken a lot of medications.

The liver will either break down the toxins into non-harmful substances, or it’ll be eliminated through urination. The problem is, sometimes, the liver works too much, and it gets tired. One of the benefits of a coffee enema is “eliminating” the toxins right away before the liver can even filter it, thus, removing a huge chunk of the liver’s exhausting work. coffee enema

Follow up question: How does a coffee enema do that?

Answer: A coffee enema helps in the detoxification process by increasing the bile output. During one medical observation, the patient received an enema while being under endoscopic monitoring. The video showed that the enema reached the liver, and after sometime, bile flow increased.

Bile (coming from the liver) is the substance that removes the toxins.

3rd Question: Are there more benefits of coffee enemas?

Answer: Yes, and it also involves cleansing, but this time a more specific part, which is the colon.

You have to understand that an enema in itself really aims to cleanse the colon. This is the main reason why hospitals do it before a surgery so that things won’t get messy. The procedure involves forcing the liquid through the rectum, holding it for a few minutes, and then flushing it out. While the liquid is in the colon, it collects waste matter impacted on its walls.

This is important because during the process of defecation, not all waste matters are released. Some stays on the walls of the large intestine.  This will eventually become a problem because these waste matters can be reabsorbed directly into the bloodstream. When that happens, the systemic circulation will be contaminated.

An enema can help lessen the problem because it literally washes the walls of the colon. Using coffee can up the effect because coffee is a known astringent. It means that its cleaning property is higher than that of the normal saline solution.

4th question: Okay, now that the benefits of coffee enemas are clear, how often should I do it?

Answer: It depends—the frequency of enema administration depends on how long it has been since your last enema? How often do you defecate? Do you’ve rectal conditions such as hemorrhoids? The best answer is to consult a physician.

Some patients perform it once a day, which is good—some have it once a week, or monthly, which is also good, depending on your need. The thing is that the benefits of coffee enemas should be greater than the risk involved. For example, having it too frequently can lead to making your colon “lazy”—thus, your normal elimination urges will be ruined. Another thing is it can cause dehydration. And in some cases, even symptoms of hypoglycemia.

5th(and last) question: What coffee should I use?

Answer: That’s simple; as long as it’s caffeinated, you’re good to go. The benefits of this enema is centered on caffeine—because it’s the substance that makes a good cleanser and it contains the needed antioxidants. Just be careful in the amount you use because some people have natural coffee sensitivity. Again, it’s best to consult a physician.

Coffee Enema Tutorial

Now that you know the benefits of a coffee enema, it’s time to learn how to do the procedure by yourself, although it’s highly advisable that you do it with someone whom you trust your privacy with. And remember this: the benefits of coffee enema will only be gained if you do the administration properly; otherwise, you might suffer some bad effects.

Determine your location and position

Most people do their coffee enemas in the bathroom, on the floor. They place a yoga mat underneath them; this is because things can get messy if you can’t hold the coffee (don’t worry, the benefits of coffee enemas can make up for the mess). For the position, lying sideways gives you the maximum comfort. To help you hold the content, try having your hips lifted by placing a small pillow or towels underneath.

Set up your materials

Prepare the following for the coffee enema administration:

2-quart enema bag, a bucket will also do

Dark roast, organic, or Columbian coffee – Typically, any coffee will do;just make sure that you purchase high-quality coffee; failure to do so may affect the benefits of coffee enemas.

For starters, you may want to choose lighter roast coffee because they are easier to hold, but the darker the coffee, the more effective it is.

Preparing the coffee is easy: Just boil water for 15 minutes and add ½ to 2 teaspoons of the coffee. For beginners, start with the half a teaspoon ingredient and then progress when you’re comfortable with holding the liquid.

benefits of coffee enemaStarting with the enema

Make sure that there’s no air in the tube, and lubricate the tip of it with petroleum jelly or coconut oil. To fully appreciate the benefits of coffee enemas, have a bowel movement first.

Now, you’ve to slightly push the tip of the tube to your rectum and let the coffee flow. Remove the tube and hold the contents for 15 minutes. If you’re finding it hard to hold the contents, you can massage your tummy, move from one side to the other, or find the most comfortable position that helps you. This is very important because you cannot achieve the benefits of a coffee enema if you can’t hold the contents for that duration.

Cleaning up

After 15 minutes, you can now expel the contents. Most people will feel an extreme sense of lightness instantly.

It will be ultimately your choice when to do the enema; it can be in the morning, which is much better because the colon is relaxed. People who tried doing the enema at night reposted difficulty in sleeping because of the caffeine content. But still, it depends on your comfort.

Some people experience dehydration after the process so make sure you replenish your fluids. Others also experience signs of hypoglycemia. If that also happens to you, try sucking on a hard candy before or after the procedure.

The goal here is to have as many benefits as possible, not the other way around where you can get heard. Be careful when inserting the enema tube and make sure it’s properly lubricated. Although rare, it isn’t unheard of that some people suffered anal tears due to negligence.

Last but not least, if you feel the pressure to release the contents of your colon, don’t try to hold it just to complete the 15-minute duration. Expel the contents right away.

How frequent should coffee enemas be performed?

It really depends on your need. If you feel like you’ve damaged your colon for the past years, you might want to perform coffee enemas for at least once a week; if you’re a healthy person following a healthy diet and lifestyle, maybe once a month will do.

The best course of action is to consult your physician, especially if you’ve underlying issues like diabetes. Remember, coffee enemas can cause hypoglycemia.

So, have the benefits of coffee enemas convinced you to take your coffee elsewhere? Or are you too concerned with possible side effects?

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