How To Exude Confidence And Sexiness

How To Exude Confidence And Sexiness
Do you ever wish you were one of those women who turn heads wherever they go?  They walk into any room and people just stop for a second and stare. 

These women have an air of mystery, yet what is obvious is that they exude confidence and sex-appeal. 

Confidence in your appearance is the first step in exuding confidence and sexiness.  You have to put in some time, effort, and money on your appearance in order to look your best.

Invest In Yourself

Every single woman deserves to look her best.  Every woman deserves to purchase a tube of her favorite high-end lipstick, a regular trip to the salon, or flattering clothes.  That includes you.  Do not deprive yourself of even little luxuries of self-pampering; it’s a way to exude confidence and sexiness.

General Tips on How To Exude Confidence For Women


Exercise will help you exude confidence and sexiness naturally.  Whether to lose weight, to maintain your body, or most importantly, to take care of your health, exercising regularly should be part of your lifestyle.  Sweat releases endorphins that gives a natural high.  Having a regular exercise routine will help you feel sexy and help with your stress levels, too.

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Lace underwear

Knowing you have sexy underwear beneath that power suit can help boost your feeling of sexiness.  Throw away your old and ripped underwear.  Invest in underwear that makes you feel special, whether it’s boy shorts, basic briefs, or lacy bikinis.

Girl Power

Women are most themselves around other women who care about them and support them.  Regularly spending time with girl friends is a refresher to who you are, what you are passionate about, and just how strong you are to have the support of these friends.  It’s a way of exuding confidence and sexiness by being secure from the inside.

Favorite Fragrance

Fragrances, just like music, are usually associated with a certain moment, a specific memory.  Wear your fragrance that reminds you of a particularly spicy night.  It will make you feel sexy all day and will definitely help you exude confidence and sexiness.

Flaunt It

Know what makes you look gorgeous so you can flaunt your best assets – a halter top to show off your slim arms, a sexy skirt to show off your mile-long legs, or a bondage dressthat accentuates your perfect proportions.  Showing off your assets is a great way to exude confidence and sexiness.


Knowing that men respond to you in “that way” is an assurance that you are indeed attractive. The knowledge that someone finds you physically attractive is a healthy boost to your ego; you also get to practice just how to exude confidence and sexiness.  Even if you are in a relationship, engaging in harmless flirting can do you good.  But be careful who you flirt with, and definitely avoid flirting in the workplace.

Sexy heels

Have you ever noticed that once you slip on a pair of sexy high heels, you instantly feel sexy and confident?  Put one foot right in front of the other, and it will force your body to naturally sway.  Heels can do wonders for a woman’s sashay. Practice strutting your stuff to show how to exude confidence and sexiness.

Go Slow

Take your sweet time to sip that wine, sashay across the room, or deliver that compliment.  It’s a way to capture attention.  Avoid doing several things at any given time, and if you can help it, do not rush whatever it is you have to do.  Now, the workplace may be an exception to this one.

How to exude confidence and sexiness takes work and time.  Embrace being a woman; enjoy taking care of yourself so you get to present your best self.  Exuding confidence and sexiness may feel like work at first, but you will soon get used to it, and someday soon, you may become that woman people turn their heads to take a second look at and when you walk into a room, people can’t help but look.

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