How To Exude Confidence At A Job Interview

How To Exude Confidence At A Job Interview
As soon as you walk into the room for the interview, a conclusion is made about who you are and what you are like.  The majority of the impression that lasts is based on how you exude confidence, what you look like, and the manner of the way you speak.  When you are unprepared and nervous, unconsciously, your body language gives away how you are feeling.  And you end up looking less confident and authoritative.  It is normal to be nervous for a job interview; it happens to the best of us.  So here are tips on how to exude confidence at a job interview:

Practice visualization

Visualize the whole process of the interview, from the moment you get ready in the morning of the interview to how you will be ending the day and everything in between.  Visualize how to exude confidence through verbal communication and your body language.  Go through the whole process and include all of the tiny details, your answers to certain questions, and how you will react to possible scenarios and situations.  When the interview day finally comes, you may now only replay what you have visualized to be your response.

how to exude confidencePractice your handshake, eye contact, and smile

These are the non-verbal cues that give big and lasting impressions.  And because these can easily be rehearsed, take advantage by exuding confidence through these simple actions.  Practice the handshake with a friend; it should be firm but not grip-like.  Don’t forget to make eye contact to establish that you are confident and prepared.  Smile to let the interviewer know that you have a pleasant personality.  It is easy to forget and overlook these things when you are nervous, which is why it is important to practice so you can easily deliver.

Dress the part

As you need to put your best foot forward for an interview, you also need to dress the part.  Dress smartly and appropriately.  Pick out an outfit down to your shoes and accessories beforehand that will send the message you want to convey.  Have a make-up and hair dry run so when the interview day finally comes, you do not leave room for error and you will look your very best.  Also make sure that your fingernails are clean and tidy; a neutral shade of nail polish would also up the ante.  When you look your best for an interview, you are able to make a strong impression, and because you feel good about looking good, exuding confidence will naturally come.

Be prepared

There’s nothing more appalling than an interviewee who does not even have a clue about the company he has the potential to work for nor of the position he is being interviewed for.  Research ahead of time what the company, your potential employer, is all about.  What do they stand for?  What achievements are they proud of?  More importantly, what are their principles and the general impression they give out?  If you know these things aside from the basics (i.e. type of industry and products), you will have an opportunity to convince them why you are fit for the job and how you can contribute to the growth of the company and the team.  All of the preparations you have gone through will be put to use during a span of an hour or two, and exuding confidence will easily be affected by how prepared you are.

Remember that the impression you make during a job interview will greatly affect your chances of landing the job.  An interview is your chance to convince them why you are competent for the position and why you can represent the company well.  How to exude confidence for a job interview is a matter of preparedness.  Aim high, dream big! Wishing you the best of luck!

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