Crafty Presents That New Moms Will Really Want

If you are invited to an upcoming baby shower, you should get the parents-to-be some special gifts that will prepare them for this family milestone.

While registries will have lots of items, toys and technologies available, you might want to give them something different than what all the other guests are buying.

Here is a list of three sweet and crafty present ideas that you should think about making for the shower.

Cool Present Ideas for New Moms

A Baby Blanket


If you are adept with yarn and two knitting needles, then you should think about making a baby blanket as a shower gift. Parents will need this practical item for naptime, swaddling, changing, nursing, play-time and trips outside with the stroller.

Get your blanket patterns from a website like Yarnspirations, which has many beautiful options that are completely free of charge. Browse through their Baby Shower Lookbook for creative inspiration and to see what materials you should get. The website has the biggest selection of yarn that you can sift through and have delivered straight to your home — they carry an incredible variety of colors, brands, fibers and weights for crafting projects.

For your blanket, think about materials like Bernat Pipsqueak yarn or BernatSoftee Baby yarn, which are good for a newborn’s sensitive skin.

Diaper Cakes


Bags of diapers are considered one of the best baby shower gifts that you can buy for new parents — as long as you get the correct size for newborns, they can be used on the very day that they come home from the hospital.

You may feel like handing over a plain box of diapers with a bow on top is not a glamorous or exciting gift, which is why many people have found ways to upgrade its presentation. You can put your crafty skills to the test by finding out how to make a diaper cake after emptying the contents of your purchase — remember to get cute decorations like ribbons, bows and smaller baby presents like pacifiers, socks or booties.

The jumbo box of diapers can become a number of creative and interesting shapes other than a cake, like:

  • A Wreath
  • A Castle
  • A Bicycle
  • Butterflies
  • A Bathtub
  • A Crib

A Mommy Gift Kit


While technically the baby shower encourages you to bring items that a newborn will need, you should think about preparing a gift solely for the mommy-to-be. Being pregnant can be a physically, emotionally and financially overwhelming experience, and the next big step certainly won’t be easier for her.

Recognize that maybe she needs a bit of special attention by putting together a baby shower gift kit that will push her to take some time for herself in order to relax and feel completely pampered. Get a nice box and fill it with DIY spa treatments, homemade scented candles and indulgent baked goods.

These three unique and crafty gifts will make the parents-to-be feel tremendously thankful and appreciated. You can rest easy knowing that your handiwork just made them a little more prepared for the next big step.

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